Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 7/8/2019 - 6:30 PM
Category: New Business
Type: Action
Subject: Change Orders for Bond Projects
Board Goals:
Enclosure: Change Order Dated 6/3/19
Change Order Dated 6/14/19
File Attachment:
Stage Wall 2nd Change Order.jpg
Semi Permanent West Wall Bracing.pdf
Larrison SH Propsoal #03.pdf
Background & Rationale: Change Order 6/3/19 was for selective demo to view portions of the west wall to determine if there were signs of failure. $5,303.00
Change Order 6/14/19 was for a dead man system to be placed along the west wall to ensure continued use of the facility. $86,072.00
Change Order 6/21/19 was for replacement of damaged parking lot curbing at RSHS. $3,237.50
Budget to be Charged: Bond
Motion: I move to approve the change order as presented
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Dr. Travis Hux - Assistant Superintendent of Support Services
Signed By:
Dr. Steve Shelton - Associate Superintendent of Operations
Signed By:
Dr. Allan Markley - Superintendent