TYPE: Regular Board Meeting
DATE: 11/11/2019 TIME: 6:30 PM
LOCATION: Raytown Quality Schools - 6608 Raytown Road
DETAILS: Regular Board Meeting
Call to Order
1.1 Call to Order Info
Pledge of Allegiance
2.1 Pledge of Allegiance Info
Approval of Agenda
3.1 Approval of November 11, 2019 Agenda Action
Report of Board Members
4.1 Report of Board Members Info
Superintendent Highlights
5.1 Superintendent Highlights Info
Presentations and Recognitions
6.1 Did You Know? Info
6.2 Lenovo Repair Award Info
6.3 Dontae Manning Info
6.4 Kyle Dillingham and Horseshoe Road Info
Public Comment Period on Agenda Items
7.1 Public Comment Period on Agenda Items Info
Report of Superintendent
8.1 Legislative Update Info
8.2 Report of Elementary Principals Info
8.3 Report of Secondary Principals Info
8.4 Monthly Data Review Info
8.5 In-School and Out-of-School Suspensions Reports Info
8.6 Random Student Drug Testing Report Info
8.7 Fall 2019 Elementary Parent-Teacher Conferences Report Info
8.8 Fall 2019 Secondary Parent-Teacher Conferences Report Info
8.9 Change Orders on Bond Projects Info
8.10 Cerner's First Hand Foundation Info
8.11 Grant Writer Report Info
8.12 APR Info
8.13 MOAP and NWEA Pilot Info
8.14 SH Auditorium Info
Board Committee Reports
9.1 Technology Committee Meeting Info
Consent Agenda Action
10.1 Approval of Consent Agenda Action
10.2 October 14, 2019 Open Session Minutes Action
10.3 Certificated and Classified Staff Recommendations Action
10.4 Contracts and Agreements Action
10.5 Monthly Bills, Financial and Budget Reports Action
10.6 Monthly Bills (Including Payroll) Action
10.7 2019-2020 Budget Amendments Action
10.8 Board Member/SLT Monthly P-Card Review Action
10.9 Approval of School Bus Routes 2019-20 Action
10.10 Appointment of Independence and Raytown, Missouri Tax Increment Financing Commission Representatives and Alternates Action
10.11 Resolution Approving Primary Representatives and Alternates to the Tax Increment Financing Commission of Kansas City, Missouri Action
10.12 Great Expectations and Three Trails Preschool License Exempt Status Action
10.13 Donation to Raytown South Middle School Action
10.14 Donations to Norfleet Elementary School Action
10.15 Donation to Norfleet Elementary School Action
10.16 Donations to Spring Valley Action
10.17 Donation to Herndon Career Center Action
10.18 Donations to Raytown South High School Action
Unfinished Business
11.1 2019-2020 Board Goals Action
New Business
12.1 2020 District Legislative Platform Info
12.2 Change Order for Bond Projects Action
12.3 2020 Building Upgrades (Bond) Action
12.4 Chittwood Stadium Upgrade (Bond) Action
12.5 Facial Recognition Software Purchase Action
13.1 Adjournment Action
Upcoming Meetings
14.1 December 9, 2019 - Regular Board Meeting, 6:30 p.m. Info