TYPE: Regular Board Meeting
DATE: 7/8/2019 TIME: 6:30 PM
LOCATION: Raytown Quality Schools - 6608 Raytown Road
Call to Order
1.1 Call to Order Info
Pledge of Allegiance
2.1 Pledge of Allegiance Info
Approval of Agenda
3.1 Approval of July 8, 2019 Agenda Action
Consent Agenda Action
4.1 Approval of Consent Agenda Action
4.2 June 10, 2019 Open Session Minutes and June 24, 2019 Special Meeting Minutes Action
4.3 Certificated and Classified Staff Recommendations Action
4.4 Contracts and Agreements Action
4.5 Monthly Bills Action
4.6 Financial and Budget Reports Action
4.7 Board Member/SLT Monthly P-Card Review Action
4.8 Missouri Option Program Assurance Standards 2019-2020 Action
4.9 Renewal of Contract with New Directions Action
4.10 Missouri Retired Teachers Association Funding for 2018-2019 Retiring Certified and Classified Employees Action
4.11 Herndon Career Center Student Handbook Action
4.12 Annual Designation of Authorized Representative for Food Service Action
4.13 Donations to Norfleet Elementary School Action
Report of Board Members
5.1 Report of Board Members Info
Presentations and Recognitions
6.1 Did You Know? Info
6.2 Missouri Boys & Girls State Info
6.3 Board Vacancy Applicant Introductions Info
Public Comment Period on Agenda Items
7.1 Public Comment Period on Agenda Items Info
Report of Superintendent
8.1 Graduation Follow-up Discussion Info
8.2 Bullying and Harassment Update Info
8.3 Enrollment Center Update Info
8.4 Certified Staffing Update Info
8.5 Setting the Levy Discussion Info
New Business
9.1 Technology Support Services Program Evaluation Action
9.2 Human Resources Program Evaluation Action
9.3 Change Orders for Bond Projects Action
10.1 Adjournment Action
Upcoming Meetings
11.1 August 12, 2019 - Regular Board Meeting, 6:30 p.m.; July 15, 2019 - Special Board Meeting Info